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National Monument

Barichara, Santander, is considered one of the most beautiful places in Colombia, its colonial architecture is based on the yellow stone, unique to these parts, the beauty of its streets, houses, temples and especially the cemetery are worth it to be proclaimed a national monument.

Legend has it that in the eighteenth century, a Virgin, carved in stone appeared to a peasant from the region, this generated a discussion among the pastor and its people, reason why Don Francisco Pradilla and Ayers founded  this beautiful place in 1705.

Barichara played a huge roll in Santander's history, it is also famous for its hand-woven products like ponchos, purses and earrings. It is located 68 miles from Bucaramanga in Santander with an average temperature of 69 degrees Fahrenheit.

While in Barichara, take a small detour to come visit Giron, an important town during the colonial period due to its gold mines, Giron's buildings are a unique architectural legacy of the seventeenth century, here you will find the Museum of Religious Art, a place full of valuable paintings and ancient liturgical objects.

At only 6 miles from Barichara you can find Guane, capital to the of the Guano empire, discovered in 1540 by Martin Galeano, there you can visit the Archaeological Museum, the church of Santa Lucia and the Santa Lucia hotel Mucuruva.

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